Vinoterapia cream for the day

Malvasia Volcanica Day Cream provides healthy facial skin thanks to the combination of pure Aloe Vera juice and valuable Malvasia grape seed oil.

Vinoterapia face cream was created to protect the skin against aging.

Properties of the Vinoterapia Day Face Cream

✔ Contains organic Aloe Vera juice
✔ Softens the skin and nourishes
✔ Renews and regenerates the skin
✔ Contains Biotin
✔ Helps to maintain a healthy appearance
✔ Significantly delays the appearance of wrinkles
✔ Provides skin firmness and glow
✔ Fights free radicals
✔ Contains significant amounts of vitamins C, A, B and E.
✔ Deeply moisturizes
✔ Provides essential nutrients
✔ Free from synthetic dyes
✔ Fights free radicals
✔ Eliminates enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown
✔ Stimulates the skin to produce collagen
✔ Made in the Canary Islands.

We recommend Vinoterapia cream for all skin types.

Day after day it improves the quality and appearance of the facial skin.

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DAY FACE CREAM VINOTHERAPY LANZALOE - an excellent dose of hydration

The Vinoterapia Lanzaloe day face cream is distinguished by an extremely good and simple composition. The combination of pure aloe vera and grape seed oil provides effective hydration and protects the skin against aging. It is a great choice for the most demanding customers.

Vinoterapia Lanzaloe day face cream - a good composition that will delight you

This cream has an extremely simple composition. The main ingredients used in its production are: grape seed oil, organic Aloe Vera juice and biotin. It does not contain any parabens or other synthetic dyes. Thanks to this, it can be used even by people with very delicate and prone to irritation skin. The high content of Aloe Vera wonderfully regenerates the epidermis and moisturizes the skin. Aloe Vera comes from organic farming and is certified by the prestigious German laboratory Spectral Service. The cream should be used in the morning, right after cleansing the skin of the neck and face. Pure aloe juice in combination with grape seed oil and biotin allows you to keep not only healthy skin, but also deeply renews it and delays the aging process. It fights oxygen free radicals and destroys enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of collagen. It is an excellent product for all those who value quality and effective action.

Who is the Vinoterapia Lanzaloe day face cream the best for?

Vinoterapia Lanzaloe day face cream is a good choice for all those who value quality. It is recommended for women and men, regardless of whether their skin is dry or oily. It is worth noting that after just one use, you can feel the difference. The skin will become softer and well nourished. The effect of the Vinotherapy cream does not end there. Well, it renews and regenerates the skin, helping it maintain a healthy and fresh look. It protects against weather conditions, i.e. strong wind, snow or high temperatures. Importantly, it moisturizes the skin, but does not make it greasy. Large amounts of vitamins such as vitamins A, E, C and B vitamins stimulate the skin to produce collagen, and at the same time ensure its firmness. If you want to stay youthful for longer, you should also use this cosmetic. You only need to apply it right after your morning skin cleansing, and then pat it very gently. After 20 minutes, the foundation can be applied.

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