Vinoterapia anti-aging cream

The perfect anti-aging cream with grape seed oil Malvasia and pure aloe vera juice.

Properties of the cream anti-wrinkle Vinoterapia:

✔ Contains organic Aloe Vera juice
✔ Deeply moisturizes
✔ Contains polyphenols valuable for the body
✔ Has an antioxidant effect
✔ It slows down the aging process
✔ Has vitamins A, B, C, E and biotin
✔ Contains folic acid
✔ Contains biologically active ingredients
✔ Smoothes wrinkles
✔ Natural fruity fragrance
✔ Perfectly absorbable
✔ Firms the skin
✔ Antibacterial effect
✔ Has antioxidant properties
✔ Made in the Canary Islands
✔ It slows down the aging process of the skin.

It guarantees hydration and slows down the aging processes of the skin. It is Vinoterapia anti-wrinkle cream that ensures a youthful appearance of the skin.

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Vinoterapia anti-aging cream

Anti-aging skin cream with aloe vera is the perfect solution for mature skin, thanks to which you will effectively take care of the young and firm appearance of your skin. The composition of the product includes Malvasia grape seed oil, Aquavita and organic aloe juice. As a result, it deeply penetrates the skin, perfectly moisturizing it and providing softness and slowing down the aging process of the skin.

Antioxidant activity of polyphenols

There are valuable compounds in grape seeds - polyphenols. They exhibit antioxidant properties, thanks to which they effectively protect against free radicals, i.e. particles that contribute to early skin aging. But that's not all. Vinoterapia anti-aging cream also contains vitamins A, B, C, E, folic acid and biotin, i.e. a number of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on our skin. Vinoterapia anti-wrinkle cream, which is produced in the Canary Islands, is made exclusively from natural, ecological aloe vera crops.

Perfect results after the first use

The rich composition of the Vinoterapia anti-aging cream means that it has a real effect on our skin. After the first use, we can notice that the skin is much better moisturized, soft and pleasant to the touch. Regular use of the product makes the skin regain its firmness and elasticity, has a healthy color and wrinkles become shallower and less visible. It is a product that clearly slows down the aging process.

Perfect absorption and a beautiful fragrance

Vinoterapia anti-skin cream with aloe vera is available in a practical, easy-to-use package with a pump that prevents contamination of the cosmetic. It has a smooth, delicate texture and a fruity fragrance. The cream is perfectly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. It is also very efficient. It will certainly meet all your expectations and allow you to enjoy a young, smooth complexion for a long time.

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