A handy set of Lanzaloe cosmetics.
Possibility of transport in hand luggage.
Simple use and transport.

The set includes:
✔ Aloe Vera soap 20 grams
✔ Aloe Vera bath gel 50 ml
✔ Aloe Vera shampoo 50 ml
✔ Moisturizing Aloe Vera gel 50 ml

Aloe Vera Travel Set is the start of any successful journey.

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Travel Pack Aloe Vera Lanzaloe - refresh and moisturize your skin

Are you looking for a high-quality travel cosmetic set with organic aloe vera to refresh and moisturize? The Aloe Vera Lanzaloe Travel Kit is a great choice. It works well in any travel, also in hand luggage due to its compact size and the use of a transparent cosmetic bag.

Aloe Vera - a practical and ecological travel set

If you focus on high-quality organic products, the travel set of cosmetics with aloe vera is the solution just for you. It contains four useful cosmetics. These include Aloe Vera Soap, Aloe Vera Bath Gel, Aloe Vera Shampoo, and Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel. Each of these products is based on aloe vera that is grown organically in Lanzarote. Its quality is guaranteed by the certificate of the prestigious German laboratory, Spectral Service. Aloe Vera soap will cleanse your skin perfectly and have an antibacterial effect. Bath gel with aloe vera is rich in nutrients, does not dry the skin, on the contrary - it deeply moisturizes it. Lanzaloe hair shampoo is perfect for those who have problems with excessive hair loss. In addition, it works against dandruff. In summer, and especially during travel, the skin is exposed to dryness, so Aloe Vera moisturizing gel will be a great choice. It is worth noting that all products are characterized by high efficiency, so they will certainly be enough for the entire holiday trip.

Aloe Vera travel set - bet on the power of natural aloe vera

Lanzaloe Aloe Vera travel set is perfect for people with sensitive skin, prone to dryness. It will be the right choice for a long journey and will provide refreshment. It is suitable for both young and mature skin. It is worth emphasizing that aloe has anti-aging properties. Cosmetics from the Aloe Vera travel kit have a positive effect on the appearance of the skin, which becomes radiant and less visible signs of fatigue. At the same time, they are great for people with problem skin, they do not cause excessive sebum secretion and do not clog the pores of the skin. They help restore the skin's natural pH. They have a soothing effect and soothe any irritation. Aloe Vera moisturizing gel is perfect for the care of dry knees, heels or elbows. Even people who have problems with excessive flaking of the skin can reach for the products included in the kit. As for the scalp, shampoo based on natural aloe vera does not cause irritation, redness or itching. At the same time, it perfectly smoothes the hair and makes it softer. If you focus on natural cosmetics, free from harmful preservatives and artificial additives, the Aloe Vera travel set is the perfect choice for you. Rely on the power of natural aloe vera from the Canary Islands and enjoy beautiful-looking skin and a shiny hairstyle.

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