Vinoterapia Lanzaloe body milk

In its composition, Vinoterapia Milk contains Malvasia grape juice and pure aloe vera juice from the Canary Islands.

Properties of Vinoterapia Milk:

✔ Effectively reduces cellulite
✔ Contains organic Lanzaloe aloe
✔ Deeply moisturizes
✔ Regenerates the skin
✔ Protects and nourishes
✔ Soothes irritations
✔ Firms the skin
✔ Smoothes
✔ Does not affect the pH of the skin
✔ Rich in vitamins and minerals
✔ Restores the healthy appearance of the skin
✔ Affects collagen synthesis
✔ Easily absorbed
✔ Extremely efficient
✔ With a beautiful scent of Malvasia grapes
✔ Made in the Canary Islands
✔ Packed in an exclusive package.

Provides a unique appearance of the skin thanks to the ingredients contained in the Body Milk Malvasia Volcanica Vinoterapia. Stop the clock of your skin with the Vinoterapia line.

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Take care of your skin with Vinoterapia body milk

A well-groomed, healthy and supple skin is every woman's dream. It is possible to keep it in a very good condition as long as possible, but it requires effort and diligence. It is best to start with the right, natural cosmetics, because it is the basis for special care for the skin of all ages.

One of such cosmetics is Vinoterapia cream body milk by Lanzaloe, which not only regenerates, but also smoothes, nourishes and protects the epidermis. The use of this milk is a balsamic pleasure for the skin and an unusual delight for the sense of smell.

Balsamic and subtle texture of Malvasia Volcanica Body Milk

The milk has an extremely light texture, it is deliciously smooth and easy to apply. The secret of the uniqueness of this preparation lies in the appropriately composed composition. The milk is based on only natural ingredients. Lanzaloe owns the largest organic aloe crops in the Canary Islands. Thanks to this, she creates her own line of cosmetics based on naturally grown aloe vera.

Milk with aloe vera juice and Malvasia grapes contains, among others, the purest aloe vera with antibacterial properties. Aloe juice will smooth the skin and moisturize it perfectly. Other ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin are grape seed oil and Malvasia grape must. Thanks to the exceptional naturalness of this product, the skin on the back remains silky and regenerated. Wine oil is full of essential fatty acids. It is also a powerful antioxidant.

Vinotherapy Body Milk - skin regeneration at the highest level

Vinoterapia Malvasia Volcanica body milk with aloe vera juice and Malvasia grapes, in addition to the above-mentioned. also has other features. It has a positive effect on collagen synthesis, smoothes and firms. Vitamins A, C and E perfectly hydrate the epidermis, leaving it fresh and cool. The skin is regenerated and the inflammatory changes gradually diminish and eventually are absorbed into the skin.

Malvasia Volcanica body milk is the right solution for your skin. Malvasia Volcanica body milk is so easily absorbed that using it will never be a problem. Check also our offer for natural face cosmetics with aloe vera and shampoos with aloe vera.

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