Ekologiczna Roślina Aloe Vera I Sadzonka Aloesu w Doniczce z Wysp Kanaryjskich

Aloe vera in a pot: perfect for your home

Aloe seedling from our organic cultivation. It comes from the Canary Islands. This is one of the few varieties of aloe with health properties.

Properties of Aloe Vera in a Lanzarote Pot:

✔ Fleshy and juicy leaves
✔ Everlasting green color
✔ Firm leaves
✔ Original look
✔ Guaranteed origin
✔ Aloe Vera juice accelerates wound healing
✔ Ecological cultivation
✔ The juice prevents gastritis
✔ Survive in very dry conditions
✔ Belongs to xerophytes
✔ Can be grown in a home pot
✔ Deeply moisturizes the skin
✔ Undemanding and easy cultivation
✔ Adaptive properties
✔ Plant height 20-25 cm
✔ 12 cm wide pot
✔ Internal and external panacea
✔ Packed in ecological packaging
✔ Symbol of wisdom and righteousness.

Aloe has been around for over 5,000 years. Called the "Plant of Immortality". Aloe vera seedling with Lanzarote volcanic soil.

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Sprawdź nasze formy płatności

Aloe vera in a pot straight from Lanzarote.

Aloe vera is an extremely popular plant with countless benefits for the human body. It is also a best-selling decoration of many apartments and offices. However, its pot cultivation is not demanding.

The Aloe Vera seedling available in our store comes from the Canary Islands and meets all the requirements of organic cultivation. This means that it comes from genetically unmodified seeds, and no pesticides or artificial fertilizers have been used for its cultivation.

Aloe Vera - the seedling available in our store has a certificate from the prestigious German laboratory Spectral Service, which guarantees the authenticity of the plant and confirms its high quality.

Aloe vera seedling - medicine and ornament in one.

Aloe vera, a medicinal plant, is one of the few ornamental succulents that can be grown at home and have such a wide range of applications. The flesh of aloe is a treasury of:
  • B vitamins
  • and vitamins A, C and E.
  • Mineral salts, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Phosphorus, copper, sulfur, zinc, molybdenum and copper.
  • It is also a rich source of organic acids and biogenic stimulants.
  • Aloe vera seedling - characteristics and growing conditions.

Aloe vera is a plant that has a unique appearance. It has a compact habit, thick, fleshy and firm leaves with serrated edges.

Aloe vera is a variety of aloe that requires a well-lit position. On the other hand, the ambient temperature in the natural environment should fluctuate around 12-15 degrees Celsius in winter. In summer, 20-25 degrees Celsius. However, an aloe vera grown indoors should stay at a temperature of around 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a succulent, it does not like excess water and frequent watering. Therefore, the plant should be watered sparingly, once every two weeks, when the soil is dry. Excessive amount of water can harm the plant and lead to its rotting.

Aloe seedling - cultivation, a few more words.

The aloe vera seedling is sold in a pot with Lanzarote volcanic soil. When transplanting it into the target pot, make sure that the substrate is permeable, sandy-clay. It contained an additive in the form of a mixture of perlite and expanded clay with a bit of coconut fiber. It is also possible to use normalized soil with the addition of sand and clay or a commercially available ready-made substrate for succulents and cacti.

The Aloe Vera seedling does not require additional fertilization in winter. Only in the spring, when the plant is entering the vegetation phase, you can apply a multi-component fertilizer or a special fertilizer for succulents and cacti. However, the conditioner should be used no more than once a month.

Aloe Vera seedling from our proposal.

The seedlings available in our store are 20-25 cm high. They are sold in 12 cm wide pots containing volcanic soil. Each seedling is sold in ecological packaging.

Aloe a plant worth having at home.

Aloe vera is undoubtedly a plant worth having at home. Mainly due to its healing properties. In addition, it gives the room an original look and "pleases the eye" with its unique beauty. Especially that it is not a particularly demanding plant to cultivate, and the cost of buying a seedling will certainly "not ruin your wallet." However, its health benefits are spectacular and really worth any price.

Aloe seedling for self-cultivation

To reach maturity and take advantage of the full health benefits of Aloe Vera, we recommend that you grow the plant for at least 4 years.


✔ 12 cm wide pot

✔ Aloe Vera seedling from Lanzarote

✔ Ecological Packaging.

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Healthy Plants from Lanzarote - Yes Please!

I must say, the experience has exceeded my expectations! Upon unboxing, I was greeted by the sturdy, vibrant green leaves of a very healthy-looking Aloe Vera. It was apparent that the plant had been nurtured with care before reaching me. The leaves were plump and had that characteristic Aloe Vera sheen, showing no signs of damage or neglect.

What impressed me equally was the packaging. The plant arrived in a sturdy cardboard carrier that was the perfect size - snug enough to prevent any unwanted movement during transit, yet spacious enough to avoid any compression or damage to the leaves. This attention to detail in packaging ensured that my Aloe Vera arrived in pristine condition.

Additionally, printed on the carrier was an informative care guide. This guide was a thoughtful touch, providing clear instructions on how to care for my new plant. It covered everything from watering schedules to the amount of sunlight needed, making it easy for anyone to understand.

The transaction was excellent. Lanzaloe's commitment to delivering a healthy plant in excellent packaging, during winter, coupled with the useful care information, has made this purchase a delightful one. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add some aloes to their growing space!

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