Vinoterapia bath salt for skin regeneration

It comes from Salinas de Janubio known as "salt gardens". The combination of unique salt with Malvasia grape seed oil and pure aloe vera juice supports skin regeneration processes.

Properties of Vinoterapia Bath Salt:

✔ The salt from Salinas De Janubio is refreshing
✔ Relieves stress and neurosis
✔ Natural salt, no preservatives
✔ Supports the immune system
✔ Cleans the respiratory system
✔ Relieves muscle pain
✔ Stimulates metabolism
✔ Strengthens the body
✔ Made 100% in Lanzarote
✔ Prevents the formation of mycosis,
psoriasis and acne
✔ Supplies the skin
essential nutrients
✔ Stimulates the production of collagen
✔ Has a strong antioxidant effect
✔ Contains high iodine content
✔ Supports the circulatory system
✔ Free of parabens
✔ Provides smoothness and softness to the skin.

Turn your daily bath into a delight experiences following the natural Salinas de Janubio.

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Salinas de Janubio Vinoterapia Lanzaloe bath salt is a product of the highest quality. It is distinguished by a good composition, but also effective action. The cosmetic does not contain preservatives, so it is suitable even for very sensitive and delicate skin.

Bath salt Salinas de Janubio Vinoterapia Lanzaloe - a good composition that meets expectations

Salinas de Janubio Vinoterapia Lanzaloe bath salt has an extremely simple and natural composition. The main ingredients are: grape seed oil, pure Aloe Vera juice and Salinas de Janubio salt. Thanks to this, the product has a wide range of applications. The use of salt has a refreshing effect, but also relieves stress and neurosis. Regular use cleans the respiratory system. Salt will work for everyone, even those with very delicate skin. Due to the large amount of Aloe Vera juice, it accelerates the process of skin regeneration, and at the same time deeply moisturizes it. It is of great importance that it greatly alleviates not only skin tension, but also accelerates the healing of irritations. It does not contain parabens or other preservatives. It is a great choice for everyone who values ​​the best and focuses on a simple, natural composition. Even vegans and vegetarians can use this cosmetic.

Why is it worth choosing Salinas de Janubio Vinoterapia Lanzaloe bath salt?

Bath salt Salinas de Janubio Vinoterapia Lanzaloe supports the immune system. It is worth adding it to the water when you want to take a longer bath, but also when you are in a hurry. In combination with steaming water, it perfectly cleanses the respiratory system. You can use it even if you have a cold. This product is also recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It not only strengthens the body, but also increases the natural protective barrier of the skin, which becomes deeply moisturized. Interestingly, salt has a strong antioxidant effect and contains an extremely large amount of iodine. It provides the skin with all the necessary nutrients, and thus prevents the formation of mycosis. It reduces the recurrence of acne and psoriasis. It is worth noting that it allows you to relax and simply rest. It is also worth noting that aloe comes only from ecological crops and has the Spectral Service certificate confirming its quality.

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Vinoterapia bath salt is the perfect solution to relieve stress and feel completely relaxed after a hard day. Salinas de Janubio is a location in Lanzarote where salt is mined without preservatives and artificial colors. During the Vinoterapia bath salt production process, ocean water is used, which is evaporated naturally by the sun's rays.

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