Olive from Malvasia Volcanica Lanzaloe grapes

Vinoterapia olive made with Malvasia grape seed oil, Macadamia oil and pure aloe vera juice from Lanzarote.

Properties of Vinoterapia Firming Oil:

✔ Effectively fights cellulite
✔ Contains organic aloe vera juice
✔ Has an antioxidant effect
✔ Perfectly treats stretch marks
✔ Eliminates wrinkles
✔ Firms the skin
✔ Perfect for massage
✔ Reduces skin damage
✔ Perfectly moisturizes
✔ Tones up
✔ It has a unique consistency
✔ Soaks deeply into the skin
✔ Spectacular fragrance
✔ Leaves skin soft, bright and healthy
✔ Perfect for shaping buttocks and breasts
✔ Made in the Canary Islands.

Take care of a healthy and luminous look of your skin thanks to Malvasia Volcanica Olive. This is one of the best massage oils. Unbeatable value for money.

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Vinoterapia Firming Oil is a product made of ingredients such as Malvasia grapes, Macadamia oil and organically grown aloe juice. Therefore, they are substances that have a beneficial effect on the skin and guarantee its firmness and elasticity. Vinoterapia oil is a product that can be used to effectively combat both cellulite and stretch marks. The advantage of Malvasia grape oil is also ensuring long-lasting hydration of the skin, as well as reducing and eliminating wrinkles that have already appeared.

Action Olives Vinoterapia Malvasia Volcanica

Vinoterapia Firming Oil has a pleasant consistency, making it perfect as a massage product. By using the olive, you can notice its positive effect on the skin. Olive soothes the resulting skin damage and deeply nourishes it from the very first use. In addition, the ingredients of Vinoterapia Firming Oil make the skin youthful elasticity and moisturizing, gaining an even color. This makes any existing imperfections less visible. Vinoterapia Malvasia Volcanica Lanzaloe oil is perfect for firming body parts that are particularly prone to deterioration of the skin condition, such as the breasts and buttocks.

The highest quality ingredients in Vinoterapia olive

Vinoterapia olive contains the highest quality substances, including certified aloe from European crops. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are using a proven product which, apart from caring for the beauty of your skin, is also a safe product. The ingredients contained in the Malvasia Volcanica Olive improve blood circulation, support cell regeneration, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-radical properties. Aloe, which is one of the main ingredients of the olive, is a rich source of amino acids, as well as ingredients such as iron, folic acid, potassium, zinc and calcium. Aloe juice provides antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Moreover, due to its formula, Vinoterapia Firming Oil is an extremely efficient product. Even a small amount of the cosmetic will provide the desired effect. Olive leaves no greasy marks and does not stain clothes. It has a pleasant consistency. It absorbs effectively and quickly, without a greasy film on the skin, while leaving a pleasant and delicate fragrance. Thanks to the efficiency of Vinoterapia Olives, when you buy one package of the product, you provide yourself and your skin with effective care and regeneration for a long time.

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