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Natural Vinoterapia shampoo

Rich composition of Malvasia grape juice and pure Aloe Vera juice will naturally strengthen the hair structure. Hair will become durable, flexible and full of shine. Improve hair quality with Vinoterapia volcanic shampoo.

Properties of Malvasia Volcanica shampoo:

✔ Contains nutrients
improving the appearance of the hair
✔ Contains organic aloe vera juice
✔ Accelerates hair growth
✔ Increases the strength of the hair
✔ Makes the hair thicker
✔ Guarantee of origin
✔ Prevents dandruff
✔ Supports circulation
✔ It inhibits hair loss
✔ Provides natural and beautiful hair
✔ Rich in polyphenols
✔ Nourishes the scalp
✔ 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin
✔ Maintains the neutral pH of the skin
✔ Exclusive packaging
✔ Produced in the Canary Islands
Add volume to your hair thanks to the combination of organic aloe vera juice and Malvasia Volcanica grapes.

12,19 pln

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Presentation: 50ml, 100ml,300ml


Malvasia grape juice extract


Pure Aloe Vera Juice



Prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Good conditioner for hair

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