Ecological aloe vera gel LANZALOE

Natural aloe vera gel is made exclusively from organic ingredients from the Canary Islands. Keeps intact and the natural properties of aloe vera grown organically in Lanzarote. It is a bio aloe vera gel that will change the appearance of your skin.

Properties of Aloe Vera Lanzaloe Ecological Gel:

✔ It slows down the aging process of the skin
✔ Accelerates the healing of wounds and burns
✔ Has an antibacterial effect
✔ Has anti-inflammatory properties
✔ Heals acne
✔ Naturally moisturizes
✔ Effectively reduces skin discoloration
✔ Prevents wrinkles
✔ Eliminates cellulite
✔ Prevents stretch marks
✔ Contains valuable polysaccharides
✔ Contains 7 out of 8 essential amino acids
✔ Effective antioxidant
✔ Contains vitamins A, B, C and E.
✔ Regenerates skin cells
✔ Certified by ECOCERT
✔ Environmentally friendly
✔ Very efficient
✔ Cleanses and restores balance.

It naturally regenerates the skin and has great healing power.

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Natural Lanzaloe aloe vera gel

The organic aloe vera gel from Lanzarote is made with 98.5% pure aloe vera juice and only preserved with organic ingredients. Organic aloe gel from Lanzaloe preserves the natural properties of aloe vera from the Canary Islands. The perfect product for: burns, irritation, sun spots or those caused by aging. It also prevents the formation of stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite. It naturally regenerates the skin and has strong healing properties. It helps to maintain the hygiene of the facial skin. Made for all skin types.

Ecological aloe gel - perfect for all skin types

Natural Lanzaloe Aloe Vera gel delights with its wonderful scent, delicate consistency, but also a great formula. It has an excellent composition and effective action. It nourishes, moisturizes and heals, and is suitable for all skin types.

Bio aloe vera gel - good composition guarantees effective action

Organic aloe vera gel has a completely natural composition. It was created solely on the basis of organic ingredients that come from the Canary Islands. No pesticides are used when growing aloe vera Lanzaloe. Thanks to this, it does not lose its health-promoting properties, and at the same time it is friendly to all skin. It is worth noting that Aloe Vera Gel consists of 98.5% pure Aloe Vera juice. In addition, it contains minimal amounts of glycerin and xanthan gum. The last two ingredients give the aloe vera gel a lighter formula and make it spread better. Ecological aloe gel was created for the most demanding people who are looking for a cosmetic with health-promoting properties, but also one that improves the condition of the skin and moisturizes it perfectly. Aloe vera gel is a vegan, ecological product. In its composition you will not find even trace amounts of mineral oils, silicone, paraffin, parabens or other preservatives or petroleum products. You only need to apply it directly to the skin of the face and neck and spread it lightly, but you can also use it on the skin of the whole body. You don't even have to rinse off. After just one use of the ecological Lanzaloe aloe gel, the skin becomes soft and moisturized. Regular use strengthens the effects even more. Remember that this product should be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

Discover the properties of the Natural Aloe Vera Gel

Bio aloe gel has health-promoting properties. First of all, it heals acne and reduces the risk of new skin eruptions. Thanks to it, you can get rid of skin discoloration. At the same time, it is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. The natural composition and high content of vitamins A, B, C and E cause the regeneration of skin cells, but also the aging process of the skin significantly slows down. You can use the ecological aloe vera gel to moisturize the whole body. It reduces cellulite, but also prevents stretch marks, and can be used even by pregnant women. It is also worth noting that it has an excellent antibacterial effect and allows you to get rid of epidermal damage caused by e.g. sunburn. Its regular use accelerates the healing of wounds and burns. It also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and contains amino acids valuable to the body. Natural aloe gel restores balance and cleanses the skin and ensures its natural pH. It was created for all skin types. Ecological aloe vera gel was produced on the basis of aloe grown organically in the Canary Islands. These are organic crops where sustainable development is emphasized and no hazardous pesticides or soil enhancers are used. The quality of aloe is confirmed by the certificate of the prestigious German laboratory Spectral Service. It is worth choosing bio aloe gel that can be used at any time of the year and make the skin beautiful and radiant. Check out all the cosmetics with organically grown Aloe Vera available in our offer.

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