Aloe Vera Lanzaloe Relaxing Gel

We recommend aloe vera relaxing gel with a high content of aloe vera. Aloe vera relaxing gel was created in the Canary Islands. Guarantee of a feeling of complete relaxation with aloe and camphor.

The most important properties:
✔ Supports the circulatory system
✔ Makes you feel relaxed
✔ It soothes ailments in diseases of the skeletal system and joints
✔ Contains soothing and refreshing properties
✔ Perfect for sports massage
✔ Relieves pain in muscles and joints
✔ Deeply moisturizes and protects
✔ Provides flexibility and smoothness
✔ Light texture
✔ Free of parabens
✔ It reduces the feeling of stress
✔ Has anti-inflammatory properties

Feel fully relaxed and relieved with the relaxing aloe vera gel. Real relaxation for tired muscles.

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Lanzaloe Relaxing Gel with aloe and camphor

Aloe is a plant that has been known for centuries for its health properties. Why? Because it was often used as a remedy for burns, scars and wounds. The cut aloe vera leaf was also applied to the sore spots to ease the pain. Aloe also has relaxing properties. In addition, it prevents skin aging and helps to maintain its elasticity.

After a hard day of work, intense training and for a vacation, we recommend aloe and camphor gel

Therefore, for the comfort of aloe vera lovers, the relaxing aloe vera gel with the addition of camphor, which has a warming and relaxing effect, was created. The undisputed advantage of this product is that it causes a feeling of relaxation. That is why it is worth using it in the evening after a hard day's work.

Relaxing gel with aloe is also great for athletes, both amateurs and those who train professionally. Its warming properties accelerate regeneration. Moreover, it relieves pain in muscles and joints.

Relaxing aloe vera gel is also an indispensable companion during holiday trips in warm countries. Why? Because it perfectly moisturizes and regenerates the skin when it is exposed to sunlight for a long time. In addition, it works great as a soothing "compress" in the event of sunburn.

Aloe vera relaxing gel contains aloe from the Canary Islands

So why choose our aloe vera relaxing gel? Because it has a great composition, where we can find a very large amount of aloe, which comes from organic farming, camphor, eucalyptus and mint extract, as well as vitamin E. Such a mixture of beneficial ingredients makes our product a great companion for the care of our body . For internal use, we recommend our Aloe Vera Juice, which contains organically grown aloe vera from Lanzarote.

The high quality of our product is confirmed by the certificate of the prestigious German laboratory "Spectral Service". Thanks to them, you can be sure that the aloe vera relaxing gel is made of real aloe vera. Moreover, many studies have confirmed that the best aloe vera comes from the Canary Islands. The tropical climate and volcanic substrate make these plants grow better and are at least 50 percent richer in beneficial ingredients than aloe grown in other environments.

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