Bath salt with aloe vera juice is a combination of aromatic salts of Salinas De Janubio and aloe vera from Lanzarote.

It fully reflects the health-promoting properties of aloe vera for the skin while bathing.

✔ Oceanic and natural salt from Salinas De Janubio
✔ Contains organic aloe vera from Lanzarote
✔ Protects against free radicals
✔ Supports regeneration processes
✔ Provides silky and soft skin
✔ Strengthens the natural protective barrier
✔ Protects the skin against external factors
✔ Without parabens
✔ Provides skin firmness
✔ Made in the Canary Islands
✔ Relaxes and relaxes.

We recommend sea salt with aloe for bathing for health and beauty.

Go on a real recovery journey for the body and senses.

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Sea salt with aloe - the perfect combination

Aloe vera sea salt Lanzaloe is an aromatic combination of ocean and natural salt and aloe vera. The aloe vera contained in the product is grown on organic, traditional Aloe Vera crops in the Canary Islands. The salt comes from the Salinas de Janubio known as "salt gardens". Such an unusual combination makes the Salinas de Janubio and Aloe Vera Lanzaloe bath salt make the skin supple, silky smooth and soft.

Main ingredients of Aloe Vera Lanzaloe bath salt:

  • Salt from Salinas de Janubio
  • Pure Aloe Vera Juice.

The uniqueness of the ingredients contained in bath salt with aloe

Sea bath salt contains aloe from the Aloe Vera cultivation in the Canary Islands. Numerous studies have shown that the geographical location, tropical climate and volcanic substrate positively affect the quality of these plants. As a result, one of the best aloe vera in the world comes from the Canary Islands. It contains as much as 50% more polysaccharides and nutritional values ​​than in aloe derived from other regions.

Salinas de Janubio, in turn, is a location famous for extracting salt without preservatives and artificial dyes. The production of Aloe Vera Lanzaloe bath salts uses ocean water which is evaporated naturally by the sun's rays.

Aloe Vera Lanzaloe bath salt - a unique product

The ingredients contained in the product come exclusively from organic farming. Aloe Vera Lanzaloe bath salt is certified by the Prestigious German Laboratory Spectral Service, which guarantees the authenticity and quality of our aloe vera. Sea salt with aloe vera gets a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Also check out the aloe vera soap and the aloe vera body cosmetics in our offer.

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